LVVWD West Administration Building Modernization

IZ design studio was commissioned to redesign the West Administration Building which includes Customer Service Department, Engineering Department, and Executive offices. The focus of this project is modernization of the existing office building by utilizing new technology and material selections.

The fully sprinkled building was built in 1991 under the UBC code. With the current building code, the existing one-hour rated construction could either be de-rated or relocated for better space planning. The reconfiguration of the rated walls enhances the visibility at the customer service lobby and security office. The flexibility and openness of the new office layout creates office synergy.

The Water District and Water Authority have long led the push for sustainable design and conservation in the Valley. Although this project will not seek LEED certification, all the design choices were carefully made with sustainability in mind. New lighting design will incorporate LED and light Sensors and smart energy controls throughout the renovation area. The selections of the new material are all either contained with low or zero VOC with a preference given to recycled/recyclable materials.






Las Vegas, NV


Completed 2021
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