An eye for exceptional detail is what IZ Design Studio is known for; and we’re proud of our innovative and experienced reputation. We’ve been creating buildings since 1976 and we pride ourselves on our ability to stay inventive through the years; keeping up on the latest trends in architecture.




Providing professional and creative designs, drawings, and details like you’ve never seen before is our mission. IZ Design Studio creates architecture that is as unique as the clients we serve. Regardless of project size, scope, or budget, every client gets the attention and dedication they deserve.



You can tell how different our approach to design is by viewing our very diverse portfolio. While we’ve worked on private projects, a vast majority of work is public projects.

IZ Design Studio clients have included cities, counties, school districts, colleges, and universities. We’ve completed well structured and organized libraries, athletics clubs, and museums. We’ve also brought cutting edge and fresh looks to police departments, retail shops, and administrative buildings. Our main clients include hospitality, healthcare, retail, and education.


With our offices in Las Vegas, hospitality has been a staple of our development. We take the idea of a hotel room and give it a new bold design sure to make any guest remember their experience at your establishment.


Without a friendly flair, a doctor’s office or hospital can be too clinical and sterile. Allow IZ Design Studio to give your healthcare facility the warm touch it needs to make your patiences feel at home!


The needs of a retail shop can often dictate the look. However, at IZ Design Studio we take the needs of an establishment and create organized environments that are not only stylish and eye-catching to your customers, but also fulfill the needs of your products.


Our IZ Design Studio team has a special spot in our heart for educational and public architecture and design. Our approach is to create a space that is focused on learning and excitement so that patrons of your museum or school students are not distracted from what matters.