With popular restaurants in Hong Kong, Beijing and San Francisco, Chef Lam sought out IZ design studio to bring his vision for a Cantonese Wine Bar in Las Vegas to life. Located in an upscale mixed-use plaza, Chinglish was designed as a food-centric space to showcase the art of cooking. The original space, a former restaurant, was compartmentalized with a concealed back of house kitchen. Tasked with transforming the dim and closed off 5,440 square foot space, the design removed the interior partitions and added windows and roll up glass doors to let light in and activate the formerly unused patio space.

The kitchen, which is visible from the main dining area through a large rectangular window, and the indoor/outdoor bar serve as the primary design features within the space. IZ design studio provided interior and architectural design drawing upon Asian influences to create a Hong Kong inspired space. Layered textures, tactile patterned surfaces, metallics and mirrored tile come together to create a nuanced and balanced interior. The patio features vibrant red shade canopies and parasols and is connected to the main dining area by way of the indoor/outdoor bar.






Las Vegas


Completed 2020
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