Beer Park

The new 7,163 square foot Beer Park reimagines a formerly underutilized lounge space at the Paris Hotel and Casino located at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Conceptually, the design seeks to create an ‘at home’ atmosphere where guests feel almost comfortable enough to take their shoes off. IZ design studio collaborated with Tandem interior design to create a fun, relaxing and family friendly spot that is a cross between a den, a sports bar, an arcade, and a backyard oasis.

The original space was dark, multi-leveled and highly compartmentalized, so the IZ design studio team removed the interior partitions and filled in the levels to maximize usable area and streamline circulation. Situated at the base of the Eiffel Tower-inspired structure, large, angled steel columns presented both a design challenge and an opportunity. The steel structural elements were incorporated into the space serving as double sided TV mounts. Critical to the concept was the linkage to the existing outdoor courtyard with views to the Strip. IZ design studio opened the solid exterior wall using roll up garage style doors. The modern, glass paneled doors let ample light into the space and allow for a true indoor/outdoor experience.




JRS Hospitality


Las Vegas


Completed 2019
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