IZ Design Studio Leads Clark County RPM’s List of Architecture Firms for Small Projects

Published On: January 2, 2024|0.8 min read|

IZ design studio is honored to be ranked as the top Architectural Firm for Small Projects by Clark County Real Property Management [RPM] on their 2019 – 2020 SOQ list. This ranking adds to our recent successes with local agencies including ranking second on Clark County Water District’s list for Architectural Buildings [2019-2020]. In in 2018IZ design studio was also ranked first on the Las Vegas Valley Water District’s list for Miscellaneous Architectural Designs and was added to the Clark County School District’s Approved Architects list.

IZ design studio has a strong record of collaboration and project delivery success with Clark County RPM dating back to 2014 with the Air Quality Monitoring Stations. More recently, our team has completed the Winchester Cultural Center Addition and are in the process of completing the Winchester Theater Modernization project. We are pleased to continue building our relationship with Clark County RPM as we work together to better the facilities that serve our community.

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