Big Chicken

Following the successful completion of Beer Park for JRS Hospitality, IZ design studio was engaged to provide architectural design for the flagship location of Big Chicken, Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s concept restaurant. With its elevated take on fast casual dining, Big Chicken was envisioned as a relaxed, youthful space with an outdoor patio vibe and full bar. Located directly across from the new Virgin Hotel and within walking distance of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the 2,660 square foot restaurant draws students, tourists, and families alike.

The IZ design studio team worked with Architecture Outfit, Chef Matthew Silverman, and the client’s representative to create the design for this space and develop the brand standards for future locations. Architecturally, the project required complete demolition of the existing space to accommodate the open kitchen, bar, and dining areas to seat 70 guests. The IZ team utilized 3D Lidar scanning to accurately document the existing conditions, streamlining the design and documentation process and eliminating unforeseen issues during the construction phase.




JRS Hospitality


Las Vegas


Completed 2018
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